Welcome to Maker Academy


It all started when...

You decided that you wanted to take a chance and put yourself out there.

You had an idea for a blog or a product or a service that you couldn't keep inside anymore.

You had sat on it for years or took action in an inspired minute.

You stopped talking the talk and started walking walk.

And now you're here! You're looking for practical advice and no fluff to make that passion a profitable business.

You're damn courageous and we want to virtually high five you and say, rest easy. You're in the right place.

Maker Academy gives you the tools you need to build your business.

It's a business party for two.

You bring the ideas, the passion and the drive.

We bring the practical insights spelled out in a clear and simple way. 

How do we get this party started?

You can get yo learnin' on with our courses, podcast, blog and free resources we've helped thousands of folks just like you make their dreams a reality.

You see, it wasn't too long ago I (Courtney) was sitting in a bar with my best friend and partner in crime (Elliot) confessing that I wanted to create an online space dedicated to helping creative entrepreneurs build profitable businesses from their passion.

His response, heck yeah! Let's do it! And let's order cocktails!

...And now here we are.

We've pulled our brand (him) and marketing (her) skills to create a space that's grown to a community of over 17 thousand people.

We've launched our Instagram course, started a podcast, and quit our day jobs.

And now it's your turn!

We are going to help you to turn that blog or your products into a full time gig or profitable hustle.

Let's do this! 



Hi I'm Courtney

I'm a marketing strategist and content creator from way back. I'm also a serial entrepreneur with my first business having a $50 launch (I know, impressive) waaaay back when I was braiding hair outside my house in '98.

I've worked in Marketing for places like Etsy, Pedestrian.tv, University of Technology, Sydney and for my craft fair, Lonely Hunter.

For me, Maker Academy is a dream come true. I'm able to take my years leading brand and marketing growth for other people and combining it with my love of working with Entrepreneurs who have great ideas, but need practical skills.

My super power is taking being able to understand what a business needs in order to reach the next level. 

I'm guilty of eating peanut butter straight from the jar, drinking wine in bed and would rather stay in than go out. 


And I'm Elliot

I'm a designer and art director with a past life in Advertising at Saatchi and Saatchi, working on some brands you might have heard of like Coke, Cadbury and Toyota.

I'm passionate about teaching you how to take design and brand principals from the big guys, and apply it to your business. I get such a kick out of helping entrepreneurs develop a strong brand that is expressed consistently across all of their platforms.

I've just finished up a qualification in Training Design and Assessment and I get to use these skills to make our courses fun, effective and nice to look at. 

When I'm not making our slice of the internet, you can catch me enjoying a little bit 'o Phil Collins, making Whisky Sours and trying to spot the Platypus at the river near our house. Seriously, those guys are small and quick!