6 Ways Content Creation Can Generate Sales

Alright guys, let’s talk content marketing.

No matter what your business is, your business is in content creation.

Have you heard the old adage Content is King?

Well, my friends, this is not just a cheesy line. It’s so true.

Creating engaging and targeted content is one most important aspect of marketing there is, especially if you’re an online business.

Buyers nowadays make decisions based on the content that they see on a company's website or social media.

They want to research and understand the value or your products or service.

They want to know that you’re solving a genuine problem or providing them with a little slice of happiness with your offerings.

And most important, buyers want to know about your brand and connect with your mission.

And the best place to get all of this out there is through a solid content strategy that understands the buyer decision-making process and generates sales.

So, if you’re finding yourself lagging in the sales department you first step is to look at your content.

It’s essential for you to make contention creation a priority.

I’m not saying blog every day or spend hours on social media. Rather you should focus on what problems prospective clients are having (and reasons they’re not clicking add to cart) and solve them with clever content.  

The more engaging and helpful your content is, the more sales you will make.

Not totally convinced?

Here are 6 ways effective content marketing can boost your sales.

Building Brand Awareness

Good content can help you reach new customers who don’t know your business.

And this is two-fold.

If you’re creating content regularly online, you’ll begin to rank for some key words.

When folks are looking for hand poured soy candles and you have an article about your process, you increase your chances of getting found.

Once people are aware of your business, great content helps them truly understand what you do.

Effective content creation can go a long way in making potential clients aware of the products you are offering, your services and your mission.

It can help in providing them the initial push that they need to start thinking about buying from you and really resonating with your work.

Purchasing is an emotional decision and if you’re creating content that expresses the value of your business and your mission, customers are going to resonate with that as much as the products on offer.  

Providing Education

One of the biggest barriers for purchase is a lack of understanding around the value a product or service provide.

Unless you’re shopping with a mission like finding a new white work shirt, the casual searcher needs a little more to move from thinking “That’s cool” to “It must be mine.”

Buyers want to know what your product is about, how it is going to make their lives better and who you are as a business.

Besides a few of us, most folks do a tonne of research before making a purchase. In fact, the purchase decision-making period can be up to 600 days depending on the price point and type of product you’re selling.

Unless you’ve got a killer sale on, most folks don’t make hasty decisions when buying products.

The amount of research a buyer does on the internet before deciding to purchase an item is quite extensive.

Luckily, content marketing can help in answering the questions that the customer has in his mind regarding a product, leading him towards making the purchase.

And it doesn’t have to just be practical.

You can educate your buyers on the making process, the materials you use or even provide styling advice.

Creating Trust

Good content is fodder for search engines.

Google and co are going to be reading and ranking your site with each new piece you produce.

And consistent content in a particular niche helps improve your website scoring.

The more content you produce consistently, higher you rank on search engines. The higher you rank, the easier you will get found and the more trustworthy you will appear.

And this trustworthiness just isn’t to search engines. Folks don’t often go beyond the first page in search and if your content is appearing up top, it’s going to help position you as an expert in your niche.  

Creating Relationships

Consistent content creation can help in creating strong relationships with customers.

They will get to know you, your mission and start to see you as an expert in your niche.

When you produce content regularly, you’ll attract a strong audience who like coming back to your blog for the fresh content that you are offering.

Building your relationships is tied directly to building your brand which is directly tied to your sales.

If done correctly and consistently, content creation can enhance the reputation of your company and your products.

If customers like the content you are providing them, they will eventually become interested in the product you are offering them too.

Customer Retention

Content creation is an excellent form of customer service.

The more helpful and informational content you publish on your blog, the easier it will be for your existing customers to clear their confusions about your products or services.

If you’re using your content to solve problems and present your products in a way that the audience can see how it will help them in their lives, you’ll begin to build loyalty.

Folks will know the multiple ways they can use your products or services and you’ll be top of mind when they're looking for a new necklace, ring dish, dress or gift.

This applies no matter your niche.  

Closing Sales

Content that has been creatively written and compiled has the capacity to close out sales.

It can drive traffic to your sales landing pages and convert potential leads into customers.

So there you have it! Go forth and make some great content!

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6 Ways Content Creation Can Boost Your Sales! If you’re an Etsy Seller or Handmade Business owner you’re not going to want to miss this article. Click to read!

6 Ways Content Creation Can Boost Your Sales! If you’re an Etsy Seller or Handmade Business owner you’re not going to want to miss this article. Click to read!