7 Free Web Design Resources You Need to Know About

Are you considering moving away from marketplaces and onto your own self-hosted site? I'm breaking down 7 FREE design resources you need to know about. 

Taking the leap from having your online store in a marketplace platform to a self-hosted site is a scary, but an exciting step in your business.

While places like Etsy definitely make sense when you’re just starting out, if you’re seeing a downturn in sales or you’re ready to go it alone, a self-hosted site is the only way to go.  


When you have your own site, you’re the master of your own domain.

You’re not subject to any SEO changes or trying to stand out from a sea of thousands. You can take your marketing into your own hands (and Instagram is perfect for this!) and drive real traffic to your own store.

One of the hesitations some creatives have, that keep them on marketplace sites for so long, is web design.

We all know how important web design is for a website’s appeal. The better the design of the website is, the easier the experience will be for users.  

It seems hard, difficult to maintain and finding a good design seems extremely overwhelming.

The good news is that you don’t need to shell out heaps of money on a web designer these days, with a little nouse and some helpful advice, designing a cool, functional websites is within reach.

And as you know, we’re all about helping you out! 

Here are 10 free design resources to help even novice designers build extraordinary Websites.

Adobe Colour

When you’re making your new site, you gotta think about colour.

Adobe Colour is the number one resource to help you figure out your schemes.  

It offers designers a wide range of shades, triad, analogous, complementary and custom colours.

You can find HEX and RGB colour codes for all your design projects from this resource so when you’re setting up your site, you’ll know all the colour codes you need to add into the H2, Headers and Footers.  


After you’ve got your colours sorted, you need to choose a font that’s legible, clear and matches your brand.

Fontshop is the ideal online resource for finding your typeface.

It gives budding designers that chance to have their work tested so that they know whether their creations are up to the mark or not.

 Moreover, it offers a tonne of helpful information on typefaces too.  

The Noun Project

If you’re trying to add some icons to your site, (which we strongly recommend, check out ours!) there is no better online resource than The Noun Project.

 On this site, you can find information and tutorials to create the best icons for your web design projects.

 Not feeling up for designing your own? Try CreativeMarket where you can purchase packages.


If you are looking to take inspiration from the very best in web design, from web design to packaging, then Awwwards is the resource for you.  

You can check out the best of the best in emerging web design and make sure your site is ahead of the curve.

Digital Arts Tutorials

Digital Arts Tutorials is a dream online resource for novice designers who are learning the art of web design.

From tutorials on topics like After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and 3D printing to articles and news on graphic related topics, this website has everything a budding web designer would need.  


Stuck in the design process and need a little knowledge?

TutorialZine is a heaven for aspiring web developers and designers. This online resource offers detailed and well-designed tutorials on web development to keep your project rolling.

RIT Design Archives

The RIT Design Archives are a literal gold mine for graphic designers looking for design inspiration.

 It’s great for any kind of design project you’re working. RIT Design Archives showcases the works of 25 typographers and designers, making it one not to be missed.

When you’re spending time considering your own self-hosted site, try to look at its functionality and the way the information is displayed. It can be easy to focus on the pictures and how the site looks instead.

There are loads of sites like Shopify, Squarespace and Wordpress themes that you can customise with relative ease when you’re clear on what you like about websites.

Moving to your own self hosted site can seem a little overwhelming, but if you’re ready to step up and take your business to the next level, it’s essential.

7 Free Web Design Resources You Need to Know About. If you’re an Etsy Seller, Maker, creative entrepreneur, or blogger,  you’re not going to want to miss this article. Click to read!

7 Free Web Design Resources You Need to Know About. If you’re an Etsy Seller, Maker, creative entrepreneur, or blogger,  you’re not going to want to miss this article. Click to read!