Embroidery and Law; how craft is paying for Alex Kleins career

Discover how craft can fuel your passion in this interview with Alex Klein from Alexesembroidery.

Alex Klein is a law student and stitching extraordinaire living in Montreal, Canada.

Alex's style is unique. It's bright, organic and deeply grounded in nature. It's the kind of work you can't help but fall in love with.

One of the greatest parts about Alex's story is how she has used embroidery as a way to express herself creatively while studying.

In this episode of Made It, we speak with Alex about: 

  • The way Instagram has grown her business
  • How she balances her business with her studies
  • The challenges she's faced and overcome in her business
  • Why you need to find your voice

We absolutely loved speaking with Alex and hearing the way she is using her business to fuel her studies in law.

This interview is full of practical advice that will help anyone trying to grow their business while dealing with the day to day pressures of work, study or family. 

We hope that you take inspiration from Alex's story and turn her lessons into your own actions.

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Embroidery and Law; how craft is paying for Alex Kleins career