How to set ambitious business goals you can actually achieve

You’ve got big dreams! You have huge goals! You’re ready to smash out next year and make it the best yet! But um…. You’re kind of wondering how to set business goals and actually achieve them.

I hear ya!

Being a creative entrepreneur/maker business owner is quite the ride.

It’s fun, scary, scrappy and a lot of “I don’t know what the heck I’m doing but I’m doing it’ moments.

The magic is in the keep going part and working with a clear vision.

Having business goals is super important to your personal growth and success.

The secret to smashing your goals is to create a solid action plan to achieve them.

I’m not going to tell you to make a vision board and will that yacht into your front yard but what I am going to tell you is this:

“Being single minded in your pursuits will get you where you want to go”

Hone in on what you want and elbow all other ideas out of the way.

Focus, focus, focus.

If you learn one thing from this blog post, that's what I want it to be.

Cool? Cool!

Being really clear on what you want to achieve isn't easy, but we're going to break it down for you.

Now, let's dish on how to set business goals and actually achieve them!

Be Clear on Your Business Goals

The best way to go forth and create with a single-minded focus is to establish very clearly what your goals are.

Be super concise about your business goals and where you want to be in a month, year or two years from now.

Put numbers and dates next to it.

No wishy-washy “I want to make money” goal. I want to know exactly how much you want to make and when you want to make it.

Decide which areas of your business you want to work on

Your Businesses is made of tiny moving parts.

Sure, your business might be painting but it's also marketing, creating, admin and customer service.

Break your business up into the main areas you work on like product creation, marketing, web development and write goals for each area.

Try to limit this to 3 - 4 things that are really going to make a huge impact.

You might want to put in place regular product launches, map them out.

Or you might want to work on your marketing and get 10k Instagram followers in 6 months.

There will be times when you get offers to do other things, or a new idea might strike but knowing what your business goals are for each area of your business, makes life a lot easier.

You’ll be empowered to make decisions based on what is going to help you reach the goals. You can say yes to things that serve you and forget about the ones that won’t.

The main take away: know what you want to make happen in each area of your business.

Be realistic about what you can achieve

I hate to break up the party here but you are only one human and you can only achieve so much.

We tend to think we can do a thousand things in one day and grossly underestimate what we can do in an entire year.

But what we can achieve in a year is HEAPS. Woo hoo!

Make sure that you're not trying to do too much in a day but not enough in the year

Break your goals into tiny actions

Assigning a timeline to your goals can help you smash it!

What do you want to achieve it in a week, month, year?

Your timeline doesn’t really matter, it can take as long as you would like, it's knowing the end date that's important.

Once you know what you’re trying to achieve and when it’s time to break it into bite-sized chunks.

Using your planner or project management tool like Asana, write every single task that you need to do to reach the goal.

Planning a product launch? You’ll need to add in time to draft, buy supplies, prototype, test, photograph, upload listing, marketing plan.

This may seem like a lot but knowing what you have to do is powerful, and take the “Oh my god there’s so much to do” away.

What about if you don't have a clear goal? That's cool, I've got you covered!

Create Process Business Goals

If you don’t have a specific result in mind, but want to do something like ‘make more’ you can create a Process Business Goals

A process business goal is one that focuses on the steps you need to follow in order to arrive at your “make more” destination

You’ll focus on the steps you need to take to make more, rather than worrying about the end result.

So let's say you want to create 25 pieces a month, the process business goal you need to set for yourself would be to make 5 pieces a week.

To make that goal, you can look at your calendar and commit to making two items during the week and three on the weekend.

By the end of the month you’ll be patting yourself on the back for making your 25 pieces.

If you focus on the process rather than the end result, your goals become easier to achieve.

No matter what your goals are, with a little bit of planning you’ll be able to achieve big things!

What is the one big thing you want to make happen? Let us know in the comments!

How to Set Ambitious Business Goals You Can Actually Achieve. If you’re a creative entrepreneur, blogger, business owner you’re not going to want to miss this article. Click to read!

How to Set Ambitious Business Goals You Can Actually Achieve. If you’re a creative entrepreneur, blogger, business owner you’re not going to want to miss this article. Click to read!