How using calls to action can turn followers into buyers

Learn why Calls to Action are the missing ingredient in your social media posts. I’m breaking down how calls to action can turn the casual scroller into a passionate buyer.

The reason you’re running your business is to generate income, yes? And the reason you’re on social media is to find a legion of buyers, right?


So, why is it that you’re getting fans, followers or snaps but the rate you’re growing online does not match the rate of your sales.

Well, my friend, I have news for you.

It may be because you’re not using Calls to Action in your posts.

And if you are, they might not be the right ones.

The easiest place to connect with these potential buyers is social media, and while you might have mastered the art of great content, your sales might be a little lack luster without using calls to action. 

To turn these followers into buyers you need to use some creative calls to action (CTA’s) that gets them off the platform and onto your site.

You can think of CTA’s as signposting for your customer, detailing the next action they should take.

This means, to boost sales, you need to use CTA’s everywhere.

From your social media directing them to a blog post which directs them to a product page which takes ‘em to the checkout.

All of these platforms need specific CTA's! Hard work, I know, but it has to be done.

As always though, you’re not in this alone.

I’m sharing some of the best ways you can use CTA’s on these three platforms to grow your sales.

Call-to-Actions on Social Media

Social media is where you’re actively working to grow your audience and market your business.

You’re posting on social platforms to find your customers, have them discover your brand, and engage with what you’re doing by liking, commenting and sharing your work.

The ultimate destination though is getting them off the platform and onto your site where they eventually hit “add to cart.”

This journey needs to be signposted for your customers.

Having someone break the scrolling cycle and head to your site can be a challenge, but you’ll increase the likelihood they head to your website if you ask them to take action.

I’m not saying to sell with every post, in fact, I really really don’t recommend that.

People like to buy from brands they like a trust so having them engage with you on social platforms is a great way to build a strong connection with them.

You can strengthen your relationship with your community by using CTA's that are them to check out a product, comment on what colour they like, or even double tap if they agree with you on a question you're asking.

Getting them to do this requires you to use action words like “Like” and “Share” in your captions.

I know this is really is obvious, but it’s amazing how impactful that small ask is.

People are more likely to visit your store, comment or like a post if you ask them to do so.

You can also take it a step further by creating a sense of urgency in your captions.

FOMO is a real thing, especially on social media.

Tapping into that sense of FOMO can be the difference between a good CTA and a great one.  

Try phrases like, “Don’t wait,” “Download it now,” “Last Day” to add a sense of urgency to your posts.

Call-to-Actions on your website

Hooray! A potential customer has landed on your site.

Now there here, what should they do? Is it simple for them to find your shop or know how they can go deeper with your brand? 

If there are too many options, it might be time to do a little rethinking. 

Your website needs to be simple to navigate with very clear actions your customers can take.

It’s your slice of the internet that helps express your story, your mission, and your passion but your ultimate goal is usually to have them purchase from you.

And you want to make that purchase decision as simple as possible. 

Let’s use Maker Academy as an example.

Our ultimate goal is to help Etsy sellers and online shop owners build profitable businesses and we offer a bunch of resources to help them do that.

When you land on our website, there are really only 3 or 4 options you can take.

We have a simplified homepage and navigation that will take you to our free resource library if you’re ready to take action and access our blueprints, to our blog and podcast if you want to learn about specific topics, or to our free Facebook community if you want to connect with our community or get  personalised support.

Now, you might have more than one goal, and that's fine.

The way you direct these folks to your site will be tailored to the specific goals you have for your audience.

For you, the CTAs you use could be to direct them to your blog, newsletter or online store.

The use of action words or verbs is a no-brainer. However, this time around they need to be skewed slightly differently.

Obvious again, I know, but the impact the right CTA’s can have on your business bears repeating.

You should use words like, “Learn,” “Discover,” and “Find.”

You can also choose to speak directly to your users here and address some of the major concerns. Concerns which may have driven users to your website in the first place.

Examples of this could be “Sick of losing out, head on over here to find the solution to XYZ.”

Call-to-Actions in your store

Finally, because of your clever use of calls to action, your customer has arrived in your shop.

Your final mission now is to get them to click through to your checkout page.

Again, the way you do that is through CTA’s.

The obvious action words you could use include “Buy,” “Get,” and “Save”.

But you can also tap into your buyer's sense of FOMO again by creating a sense of urgency to buy.

Phrases that you can use here include, “Get it now”, “Save Up to” and “Buy now”.   

No matter what the platform is, using calls to action are a sure fire way to increase your engagement and ultimately your sales.

What’s your favourite Call to Action? Let me know in the comments below or head to the Maker Academy Support Circle to discuss!

How using calls to action can turn followers into buyers. If you’re an Etsy Seller, Maker, creative entrepreneur, or blogger,  you’re not going to want to miss this article. Click to read!

How using calls to action can turn followers into buyers. If you’re an Etsy Seller, Maker, creative entrepreneur, or blogger,  you’re not going to want to miss this article. Click to read!