4 reasons why blogging is the key to growing your business

Discover how starting a blog for your handmade business can help you reach a new audience, and make more sales.
You might have seen the title of this blog and thought to yourself, “Why do I, as a ceramicist/designer/illustrator/insert the blank, need a blog” or “What would I even write about?!” 
On the surface, starting a blog for your handmade and creative business might not seem to make sense.

You are a maker, and you’re passionate about your medium, but how many posts could you possibly write? And why would that help?
If you’re like most makers I work with, you barely have enough time to create your products, let alone blog.
But blogging can bring a whole new dimension to your business. 
It can give you the chance to explore new creative passions like writing and photography.

It can add a new income stream to your business while providing the chance to connect with potential buyers through content that engages.
What do you blog about as a maker or Etsy seller? The simple answer is your craft!

This could include:

  • highlighting your products
  • sharing behind the scenes images
  • studio tours
  • or perhaps even interviews with other makers you admire.

 The one that really stands out though is DIY tutorials.

Makers have an unfair advantage with the ability to create DIY posts on their products or handmade process.

I know you might be thinking “If I tell people how to make it, they’ll do it themselves.”

And while it makes logical sense, it’s actually quite the opposite.

Most people are well-intentioned but lazy. 
After reading a DIY and understanding all of the steps involved, they’re likely to take the easy option and buy from you instead of attempting it themselves.
And the ones who do your DIY’s instead of buying? Chances are they’re the kind of person who would never purchase from you anyway. Or, at least not that item.

When you’re sharing DIY content, take images of your process and write a quick, step by step tutorial on how it was made. 
Video content also works really well in this space. Try exploring digital tutorials which you can tease snippets of on Instagram stories or your favourite social media. 
The possibilities of the content you can produce are endless. You’re creative and you can produce content on anything you’d like to, with one caveat, it should be related to your brand. 
Starting to entertain blogging for your business? Let’s explore four of the major benefits blogging will have on your handmade business. 

Increased brand exposure 

When you setup a blog for your business, you’re going to increase your search visibility,
The blog titles and content you produce will be related to key search terms in your niche, helping you find a larger audience.
Once on the blog, they may explore other related content or even your store.
If they like what they see or find your content valuable, they may even share it with their community or spread the word about your handmade items, giving you even more exposure.

2. Grow your authority and your community
Producing high quality content which relates to the interests of your community, will help build your authority and expertise.

If you’re a crochet master and you produce content on crochet, you’re going to quickly become THE source for all things crochet. 

The more content you produce on and share, the more opportunity your ideal customers will have to get to know your brand and connect with your mission.
Plus, people love a good DIY. Even if they never make the thing.
People love sharing DIY’s and tagging friends in posts. This is going to help you connect with your community and reach an even bigger audience. 
3. Reach potential buyers
Since the followers of your blog are interested in the handmade items you are making, they’re primed to become buyers. 
If people connect with your story telling style, your mission and understand the value of your handmade products, they’re more likely to buy from you.
As mentioned at the top, sharing DIY content doesn’t mean folks will do it themselves. In fact, the opposite is true. 
The more “behind the scenes” and insight into the craftsmanship behind your work that you share, the greater valued your own pieces will be. 
4. Increased revenue

Setting up a blog won’t cost you much, however it does have the potential to bring rich rewards.
By regularly creating content, you’ll highlight your handmade products while opening up other revenue streams.

This could include advertising on your site, sponsored posts with craft supply shops or even affiliate marketing income.

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4 reasons why blogging is the key to growing your business. If you’re an Etsy Seller or Handmade Business owner you’re not going to want to miss this article. Click to read!

4 reasons why blogging is the key to growing your business. If you’re an Etsy Seller or Handmade Business owner you’re not going to want to miss this article. Click to read!