Creative routines with Carolina Ossa

Hello! My name is Carolina Ossa.

I am a maker, fiber artist, and small business owner to an Etsy shop called HelloChiqui where I sell crafty kits, ready-made, and custom pieces.

Everything is handcrafted and shipped from my home studio in Miami, FL.

I launched HelloChiqui in 2014, at a time where I was in search of a new creative outlet.

It was so hard for me to find materials and easy to follow “how to’s”, hat I decided to open a one-stop shop for everyone, like me, that felt lost when wanting to take up on a new hobby.

In the last two years, I’ve created two kits: the ChiquiLoom Weaving Kit and the ChiquiMacrame Plant Hanger Kit.

With the help of my loving boyfriend, Brandon, I was able to create short and simple “HOW TO” weaving videos which can be found on YouTube and Instagram at no extra change.

I have also launched ChiquiStudios, a weekly tutorial live streamed through my YouTube channel every Wednesday at 8pm EST.

My schedule varies from week to week, it really all depends on the orders/projects I need to create, or the events I have to prep for.

Today is Monday, and I’m ready to conquer this week!

Please enjoy my daily routine ... Well, for today at least!

6 am

Alarm goes off! In my head, I’m thinking “Ok! Today is the day I’ll be able to wake up super early", but unfortunately sleep wins (once again), and I end up snoozing for an hour.

7 am

Alarm goes off again and I’m woken up with wet kisses from my doggies Epi and Bronco.

I stay in bed for a little longer checking my emails and social media platforms.

7.30 am

Today I went on a short run.

I’m more of a workout class kind of gal (barre, yoga, pilates), but because I haven’t been able to take one in a while and I’m trying to be a little more “fit life” so I'm giving the gym a try. Wish me luck!

Carolina Ossa work 1
Carolina Ossa work 1

8 am

Brandon and I go walk the dogs. After, I make some tea and get ready to start the day.

9 am

Last week I started a 5’x6’ custom wall hanging for a customer in California.

I’m starting the 2nd half today and will most likely be working on it all day.

While I’m working on this piece, I’m catching up on my favorite podcasts. For a good laugh, listen to The Lady Gang.

12 pm

Lunch time, yay!

Hello Chiqui work
Hello Chiqui work

12.30 pm

The knotting continues (along with some Insta Stories to capture my progress)

5 pm

I take Epi and Bronco to the dog park.

I’ve learned to appreciate this hour off. Not only because I get to see the outside world, and actually talk to people haha, but it also allows me to step away from my work for a little bit and just clear my head.

6 pm

I get a few more knots in and organize the studio before Brandon gets home from work, and we start cooking dinner.

Hello Chiqui work 2
Hello Chiqui work 2

7 pm

Cook, eat dinner and clean up.

9 pm

Turn on the TV and either watch HBO or Netflix, currently I’m binge watching Narcos.

Sometimes I work while I’m watching TV, but for today, I’m done!

Time to enjoy some family quality time!

10.30 pm

In bed.

I usually check last minute emails and Instagram comments before going to sleep.

Advice to other makers:

I would say, don’t get so fixated on the little things. This is something I’m trying to remind myself on the daily.

Makers are all so passionate about what we do and we’re constantly in front of our work, it’s easy to freak out, get overwhelmed and lose sight of the bigger picture.

Just remember, everything is going to be OK!


Maker Academy Creative Routines with Carolina Ossa. If you’re a creative entrepreneur, blogger, business owner you’re not going to want to miss this article. Click to read!

Maker Academy Creative Routines with Carolina Ossa. If you’re a creative entrepreneur, blogger, business owner you’re not going to want to miss this article. Click to read!