Creative Routines with Together with co

Hey, my name is Jemma and I’m the co-owner of Together with Co.

If I’m not at college or playing in the park with my daughter you’ll find me answering emails, making molds or designing some kickass cementware for your home!

By day Matthew and I live a pretty normal jam packed family life but by night is where we let our creativity loose.

Together with Co. is a family-inspired business developed out of the love for design and all things local.

We design and produce handmade cementware such as pots, decorative objects or even lighting.

We use cement as our base product and are always thinking of new ways to incorporate cement in our designs.

Because Matthew and I are occupied most weekdays I’m going to take you through a typical Saturday in the life of Together with Co.

Onto the day!

7 am

Yes it’s weekend and we’re awake by 7!

If it weren’t for Matthew's’ natural alarm clock I would still be sleeping.

7.30 am

Once we are out of bed we kick off our morning cuppa and start working through how we are going to fit in work and play.

8.30 am

Somewhere in that hour Ella (Our daughter) has woken up, trashed the house a little and we’re probably on our second cup of coffee.

9 am

Finally, we’re out the door and heading to the park of the day. Where there is lots of swing pushing, photos and running after Ella of course.

This is where we forget about any work and just fully enjoy each other’s company.

Together With Co Family
Together With Co Family

10 am

We’re out the park and on our way to fetch any last minute supplies needed for a full days work.

This includes trolley rides and isle hopping around Builders.

11 am

We have arrived at our workshop (AKA my parents garage).

Matthew starts preparing the cement and counting the molds, I’m probably singing Twinkle Twinkle for the 6th time hoping that Ella will make a swift visit to dreamland.

11.30 am

When I finally join Matthew it's time to pour the cement in probably over 100 molds.

This takes anywhere from 2 to 6 hours but with over 100 molds its probably 6 hours.

2 pm

We’re still going strong, jamming to music and trying to ignore the pain in our backs.

By this stage we’re grabbing something to eat and cracking open a few cold ones.

Although our job is quite labour intensive we stay positive by working together and keeping each other’s spirits high.

Together With Co
Together With Co

3 pm

We’re back at it, mixing cement, pouring it into the molds and repeat. At this stage we’re thinking about how much we really should invest in one of those motorized cement mixers…one day.

3.30 pm

The munchkin is awake and running into the garage greeting us with waving hands and huge smiles.

This is where Matthew holds down the fort and I attend to Ella’s hunger and secretly my own too.

4 pm

You’ll find me running around the garden with Ella while Matthew finishes up the last touches on the molds.

Just when we think we’re done we take a step back and realize how much cleaning we have to do, phew.

4.30 pm

Cleaning done! Molds Done! Beer all gone (I think we need a refill) and it’s time to take a rest.

We meet my parents inside for a bit of a chat while Ella empties the cupboards onto the floor.

Together With Co Wire Designs
Together With Co Wire Designs

5.30 pm

Depending on how many orders are needed we will start working on the previous mold we did last Saturday by grinding and standing each one to ensure that they look smooth and ready for sale.

7 pm

With a stretch and a yawn we can finally close shop and call it a day.

We’ve packed up the 50kg worth of pots to take home so they can get sealed and be ready for planting tomorrow. So…. What’s for supper?

Advice for makers: I think a piece of advice for anyone starting a creative business is to just start. We spend so much time thinking, planning and researching and that stage can go on forever. So just to believe in your product and let yourself grow along the way, the big move is to just start.

And for those already in their creative business, I would say believe in your product and remember why you started. There are times where it can get really hard or you may doubt your product but if you keep it fresh and inspire yourself, the energy will stay alive.

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Maker Academy Creative Routines with Together With Co. If you’re a creative entrepreneur, blogger, business owner you’re not going to want to miss this article. 

Maker Academy Creative Routines with Together With Co. If you’re a creative entrepreneur, blogger, business owner you’re not going to want to miss this article.