Creative Routines with Kristin Halkett

Hello, I’m Kristen.

I'm a multidisciplinary artist and designer. I have a painting and photography background, but am perhaps best known for my porcelain jewellery and bespoke ceramics. And cats. I really like cats.

Like most maker-folk I have a part-time “day job” and also take on freelance projects outside my practice as supplementary income.

My freelance jobs can range from photography and design work to teaching and tutoring, curating and producing.

The need to make the most of your talents and opportunities is key!

As my practice is so varied, my days are very rarely the same.

Different factors dictate what I work on – do I have a market or exhibition coming up? Are there applications I need to get in? Do I have freelance work to do? Orders to ship? Clients to contact? Online shop to update? Invoices to create and send? Materials to purchase? Photos to edit? Promos to handle? Some new technique I'm keen to try?

I use my diary every day and really rely on it to plan my week and list any upcoming deadlines.

At times I just want to dedicate my days to making things, as I've learnt over the years that no matter how busy I am I need to be doing something creative.

It doesn't matter what form it takes – making new jewellery, a painting, crochet, embroidery, printmaking – whatever!

Soul food is very important.

So here it is! Kristen's (not-so-typical) Typical Day:

Kristen Halkett Studio
Kristen Halkett Studio

7 am

On a work day, the snooze button is used emphatically between 7 am - 7.30am. I am not a morning person!

Once I've gotten up (ugh), had a strong coffee and made breakfast, I go through my social media and emails before getting dressed.

I try not to let messages go unanswered too long, but also battle that drive to constantly check all my accounts!

9 am

My typical work day starts around 9.00am. I live relatively close to my work, so it's a short tram ride away. If it's nice weather I'll walk!

If I am not at my day job, I spend my day on my own work at home.

I tend to spend my “days off” not only getting my business things done, but also handling any housework, appointments, and just having some time out with fun things.

Sometimes I'll catch up with a friend or family member, or go for a long walk. It's all about balance!

11 am

Generally, anything before 11.00am is quiet time; reading a book, browsing the internet, playing guitar (what are those chords to the song stuck in my head?), answering emails and checking/updating social media.

kristen halkett porc brooches
kristen halkett porc brooches

12 pm

The time between lunch and dinner is *productive time* - every odd job I've got scheduled for the day generally fits in here.

Shopping, housework, appointments, freelance work, applications, updating my online shop, photo editing etc.

If I've got a lot to get through I'll start earlier in the day, and if I haven't got through it by dinner time I'll finish things off after I've eaten and had a break.

4.30 pm

If I've been at my day job all day, then I walk home around 4.30-5.00pm and make myself a cup of tea when I get in.

I check social media and emails and make any new posts I have scheduled and address any emails that are needing answering asap.

Sometimes I'll be talking with a prospective client or finalising freelance details. Then I spend some time (AKA get easily distracted) exploring The Wonder Of The Internet.

Sometimes I need to nip out to the supermarket or go down the street.

If it's daylight savings time and nice weather I'll go for a walk to a local park. I love the light and colours in the sky during the late afternoon, and try to get out of the house to catch it!

6.30 pm

It’s around this time I get myself sorted and prepped for the next day, and then make and eat dinner!


7.30 pm

This is the time I’m easily at my creative peak.

I'm at my most awake (I've always been a night owl), I've hopefully had a productive day, and my head is buzzing with ideas.

It's during this time that I will normally put on some music, or have the tv or a dvd on in the background and start making something.

This week I started a painting, the week before I had a market coming up, so I was working on my jewellery findings. It changes!

I'm inspired by many different things and work in many different mediums. Sometimes my evening is spent on some basic crochet or random sketches – I really just need an outlet for my creative energy.

10 pm

Somewhere between 10.00 and 11.00pm is bedtime.

I normally read for a while until I can feel sleep settling in, and then it's lights out!

Find out more about Kristen’s work on her Website, Instagram or Facebook.

  Maker Academy Creative Routines with Kristen Halkett. If you’re a creative entrepreneur, blogger, business owner you’re not going to want to miss this article. Click to read!


Maker Academy Creative Routines with Kristen Halkett. If you’re a creative entrepreneur, blogger, business owner you’re not going to want to miss this article. Click to read!