Creative routines with Sarah Lund

Hello there, I’m Sarah. I’m an abstract acrylic artist creating sculptural paintings which traverse between the beauty of painting and the texture of sculpture.

My work is the exploration of the wondrous world around us.

Translating the forms, movements and emotions that make up life into each painting. A reflection of beauty and grace in all its facets. I focus on the study of texture, form and color.

My style is purely abstract with the goal of letting these features shine through to make a bold and graceful piece that will bring wonder to your own life.

These are not only exquisite paintings but sculptures as well. A harmony between the two-dimensional and three-dimensional.

I also have a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design, a field I worked in for years before taking on art. I still do freelance projects from time to time, but the majority of my days are spent working on my art.

If not working on my creative endeavours, you can find me adventuring around Minneapolis, MN with my husband.

8 am

Wake up! Instead of dragging myself out of bed from an alarm, I wake up naturally and feel energized to start my day.

8.30 am

I whip up a little breakfast. Either a smoothie or some homemade granola or bread with a dab of almond butter. I adore a morning cup of coffee with some creamy almond milk and while I had to switch to decaf for now for my health, it’s still such a soothing habit.

Next, I spend time with Jesus, whether it’s reading my bible, taking in a daily devotional or prayer. Often it’s a little bit of everything. I love to begin my day just hanging out with God.

This always starts it off right leaving my heart full of joy. I also often have some of my best painting ideas during this time!

Sarah Lund Art Pallette Hand at work
Sarah Lund Art Pallette Hand at work

9.30 am

Time to get to work!

I don’t exactly have a typical schedule everyday, but I love to save painting until the afternoon so I usually get started with some work that needs to be tackled on the computer first.

Anything from administrative tasks and emails to social media to planning new and wonderful things for my business.

I just launched my shop this past summer so there are many exciting plans I’m working on!

As my paintings are three dimensional, most days I’ve been putting together a few videos on Insta-stories to give a better look at their texture. These are typically paired to whatever music I’m listening to at the moment. I’m often running Spotify all day.

Lists are my best friend here. I always have a one running of things I need to get done and usually make a smaller list from that of the top priorities at the beginning of each week.

If I don't write it down, I find myself constantly recounting all the tasks that need to be completed.

1 pm

Lunch break! I love to take about half an hour to just rest my mind so I usually read a few blogs or throw on a short rerun on Netflix while I eat.

1.30 pm

I come back from lunch refreshed and ready to dive into painting.

Sometimes I’ll start painting with no more than a color in mind and see what comes of it.

Other times I page through my sketchbook. It’s filled with ideas for paintings because I have more of these than I have time to paint. Whenever a new idea flashes across my mind, I sketch it out there.

I cherish this time of day. All else falls away while creating and as I shape and form the paint my heart swells in delight.

4.30 pm

I work out of our apartment so I start getting everything cleaned up and put away around this time. I find it’s essential to stay organized in a small space.

My husband gets home from work a little after 5 pm, at which point we start cooking dinner together. After having opposite schedules for years, I guard my evenings tightly as time to spend with each other.

Sarah Lund Art Close Up
Sarah Lund Art Close Up

7 pm

If deadlines come in, I put in some extra work in the evening. He’s a videographer/motion designer so he has his own projects to work on.

We’ve dubbed these times “Design Parties” back from our college days when we worked on creative homework together.

I usually check in with Instagram and reply to any comments around this time as well. I love taking a little time to interact with others and get inspired!

After that my day, starts winding down. I find having some time at end of the day to completely relax helps reset me for another day of work.

Advice for other makers

Don’t overwhelm yourself with everything all at once. Take it one step at a time. Give yourself grace at all times. You deserve it! I used to feel like I was never getting enough done each day, but all any of us can do is try our best. And if you really need a break, just allow yourself the space to do so and reset.

Take your work at the pace you need to and remember every little thing adds up.

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