How to curate a beautiful Instagram feed

Instagram is one of the most fun and important tools for sharing creative work.

If you want to find your tribe, get exposure for your business, curate the work of artists you love or share with your community pieces of your life, it's the perfect platform.

The bonus? Having a beautiful feed can help your business grow, fast!

A beautiful Instagram feed doesn’t happen by accident, but it doesn’t have to be hard either.

One of the simplest actions you can take is to think about your purpose on Instagram. What are you trying to say when you’re sharing your work?

This doesn’t have to be a long and laborious task.

Once you know your “why” it will make curating your feed so much easier.

So, how do you make a feed that is gorgeous, and feels uniquely you?

Here’s our advice

What is your purpose?

Spend five minutes thinking about the purpose of your feed.

Is it to share behind the scenes? To show your product? To help people find you online?

Or is it a combination of all these things?

Knowing why you’re sharing what you do is one of the most simple, but important steps in a beautiful feed.

Once you have defined your purpose, taking your images becomes a lot easy.

Every time you are going to upload a photo, ask yourself if the image fits into one of these categories.

If it does, go ahead and post!

Do I love this photo?

Do you love the photo you’re about to upload? Would you press the little heart button if someone else made this product?

Make sure you absolutely love the image you’re about to upload before you do.

What about if you don’t love it but you want to get your work out there?

Easy! Think to yourself what you could do to change the image so you would love it.

Could you find a new background? Try to take the shot from a different angle?

This can help you to take an image that’s as beautiful as your work.

Use a similar editing treatment

Really. This sounds simple, huh?

And that’s because it is!

Try to edit all of your images in a similar way, with similar filter, so they flow nicely in your feed.

The most important advice on curating a beautiful feed is to have fun.

Instagram is another way for you to be creative. Fall in love with the process and enjoy what comes through.

If it isn’t easy and fun for you, don’t do it!

How do we curate our Instagram feed?

Instagram is the heart and soul of Maker Academy. It’s the platform Elliot and I are completely obsessed with.

Every morning on our commute we look at the incredible work you all do and get so excited to find new makers. And we love it when they find us!

When we started Maker Academy, we weren’t entirely sure what the purpose was for Instagram. All we knew was that we loved it and wanted to connect with other creatives on there.

So we started to try a few things. We asked questions, shared artists, posted other's content until we found something that fit.

Our purpose is to showcase designers we love and share our resources.

This is the heart of our Instagram feed.

Resources and curating other's work seemed to be diametrically opposed so we had to find a way to make them cohesive.

We take two approaches to develop a feed one we love.

We curate products we LOVE

Each week, Elliot and I take it in turns to curate our featured makers.

We look for images that are beautifully shot, by makers we have a crush on.

The only thing that defines our choices is that we love it.

We choose images by our personal preference. Luckily for us, we have similar tastes so our feed is cohesive.

Personally, I look for images that are bright and interestingly shot. I love finding pictures that show the process as well.

We never know what the other person is going to curate which adds to the fun.

Our resources should be exciting, useful and engaging

If we're sharing a blog post (like this!) or featuring a creative routine our approach to copy is the same.

Pick nice images and write engaging and useful copy.

We combine text and images in a specific way.

We make sure the text is easily visible on the image and we ‘tease’ content from the piece in the description.

The content we create is written to truly help our community.

We know you're all busy so we put the main takeaways of the post into the description.

This means you can discover something interesting or useful, even if you don’t click through to read the article.

Our approach to our feed has evolved over time. Like any makers feed, things ebb and flow as we learn more and our style changes.

For example with Instagram stories, we’re using it to share glimpses into our lives. That's if you would find that interesting?

So, how do you curate your feed? What defines your style? Let us know in the comments!

Huge shout out to all of the talented makers featured in our Feature image. From Left to Right we have Anje Studio, Holland Loop, Anna Ryasnova, Her Sweet Embrace, Ellen Breezy, All About Ami, Candle Co 1, Anchor Ceramics, Sister Golden Shop, Willowvane, Clear Blur Design, A Petal Unfolds, Mlejay,Sarah Nick Nacks, My Hidden Forest, Laura J Laura, Sarah Lund Art, Ar Ceramics, Natasha Newton Art, Quiet Clementine, Ebw artwork.

Everything you need to know to curate a beautiful Instagram feed. Maker Academy Creative Routines with Mashell Ewing. If you’re a creative entrepreneur, blogger, business owner you’re not going to want to miss this article. Click to read!

Everything you need to know to curate a beautiful Instagram feed. Maker Academy Creative Routines with Mashell Ewing. If you’re a creative entrepreneur, blogger, business owner you’re not going to want to miss this article. Click to read!