How Eggpicnic combine design and conservation to create business with meaning

In this episode of Made It, we speak with Camila and Christopher from Eggpicnic about the way they combine design with conservation. 

Camila and Christopher are designers based in Sydney, Australia.

Their business, Eggpicnic is the first design studio to combine design and conservation.

They use their skills and experience in graphic and industrial design to push forward social causes they care about, using their skills to go good in the world.

But it wasn't all smooth sailing

In this episode of Made It, we speak with Eggpicnic about: 

  • Their passion for conversation and how their business supports important causes
  • The way design thinking can impact society for the better
  • The power of faking it until you make it
  • How business can support your passions
  • The challenges they've faced and overcome in business
  • Advice for other makers who want to work towards a greater mission

We absolutely loved speaking with Camilla and Christopher and hearing the way they are creating something truly unique and has real impact.

This interview is full of practical advice and insights into the way you can create a business you love and impact the world, for good.

We hope that you take inspiration from Eggpicnic's story and turn their lessons into your own actions.

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