The power of goal setting with Elise Blaha Cripe

In this episode of Made It we speak with Elise Blaha Cripe on the power of setting goals, the importance of balance and how to beat the comparison trap. 

Elise Blaha Cripe is a blogger, creator and brains behind the Get To Work Book.

Get To Work Book was born out of a talk Elise had to give in 2014, where she spoke on goal setting.

Realising she had a love of goal setting and actually achieving her big, ambitious dreams, she was inspired to create a planner that would help other creatives achieve what they set out to do.

In this episode of Made It, we speak with Elise about: 

  • How to define and achieve your goals
  • The comparision trap and how to overcome it
  • How she balances creative projects and a successful business with family
  • The importance of saying yes to the things that energise you 
  • Her advice for other makers who may have self-doubt

We absolutely loved speaking with Elise and hearing the way she is taking the time to reenergise her business and the way she breaks down ambitious goals.

This interview is full of practical advice which will help anyone who is feeling stuck in major projects or overwhelmed by giant to-do's.

We hope that you take inspiration from Elise's story and turn her lessons into your own actions.

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