Why you need email marketing in your business

Can I let you in on a little secret? Having an email list is the BEST way to grow your business.

In this episode I’m going to break down what email marketing is and why you need email marketing  in your business.

I know this topic isn’t cutting edge, but emails are really important.

I know that when new forms of digital marketing popped up, email got neglected.

Suddenly, all the attention went to Social media marketing.

Emails aren’t as fun as flower crowns on Snapchat, but email remains one of the best and most effective ways to market your business.

 I’m going to break it down why it’s so important with some email marketing 101.

I’m going to address, what it is, why you need it in your business and share why having an email list is the one thing that’s worth spending time on.

Here’s a look at what email marketing is and why you need it.  

What is Email Marketing?

At it's core, email marketing is sending out emails to prospective clients to build engagement and generate sales.

And while this sounds simple, it’s a little more complicated than that.

Emails that engage and convert need to be carefully crafted.

Go too promotional in them and end up in the junk folder never to be opened ever.

Or if they make it through the spam filter, your audience might get sick of your sell and hits unsubscribe.

What types of Email marketing is there?

You can send these emails out a couple of different ways.

  1. Using your Email Service Provider, create campaigns for content or products you want to promote


  1. Set up email automation; this is where emails send automatically based on a prospective customers actions.

Email Automation runs based on a trigger. For example, you send a welcome email when a new customer signs up to your email list.

The email series is set up in advance and every time you get a new sign up, the welcome email will send.

Email forms are a great way to turn fans or one time visitors into community members.

Email automation is great because you don't need to set up campaigns all the time, and your audience can find out more about you or access an exclusive offer right away.

This is something we do at Maker Academy!

We currently have a really kick ass Instagram Hashtag Cheat Sheet on the site that you can download to help you grow your audience on Instagram.

Once you download our checklist, you’ll get another couple of emails from me with more really helpful resources like access to our online community and highlighting this podcast.

That whole campaign is an example of email automation.

Campaigns on the other hand are one time sends that you create for a specific product or promotion.

Perhaps you're launching a new service and you want to let you list know? You'd do that via an email campaign

So now you understand the basics of what email marketing is, here’s why you need it

Why Is Email Marketing So Important in Growing Your Business?

This is really simple: Your email list is the only thing you own.

Sure, it’s awesome to have a huge Instagram following but one tiny change to the algorithm and your audience may see only a fraction of the posts you share.

With email, you’re never going to have that problem.

Your list is your list, forever.

Email is also one of the cheapest and easiest ways of marketing your businesses.

Now you could start with a free MailChimp which allows you to have up to  2000 subscribers. Free accounts don't have automation features, it's great for just starting out.

When you really want to get serious about growing your business, you'll need something smart and sophisticated like ActiveCampaign.

We just moved over from MailChimp to ActiveCampaign and it’s been amazing.

ActiveCampaign grows with your business and lets you develop personalised offers to specific members of your email lists which can be great if you’re trying to generate sales.

Sure, it’s a little more expensive but I wish I had of committed to Active Campaign from the start!

If you click this link you can check it out and take up their free trial.

Another great part of email marketing is the Return on Investment.

There is loads of evidence that show email generates more revenue than any other form of digital marketing.

Studies have revealed that the ROI (Return on Investment) of email marketing is a whopping 4,300 percent.

Not only that but it's suggested that  around 66% of the customers make purchases because of email marketing.

Now, that is one figure that you don’t see often!

Why is email so effective?

Now, I’m not going to lie, crafting impactful emails that get open is no simple task.

But, if you can create compelling emails, you’ll not only highlight why your product or content is so amazing, you’ll convert readers into customers.

How do you write great emails I hear you ask?

It’s important to give more than you take.

That means offering up some great insights, providing fun content, or giving away a part of your expertise for nothing.

I know some of you might feel some resistance here but seriously, give away whatever you can!

People really don’t want to be sold too all the time, and they already have loads of emails, you want yours to stand out and encourage opens.

Plus, if you’re creating something that’s amazing (and I know you are) they will want to buy what you’re offering so you won’t need to put on the hard sell.     

Email also let's you build genuine connection. You can give people an insight into who you are

If they enjoy your emails, they'll connect with your brand and start to feel warm and fuzzies towards you.

This feeling of niceness is extremely valuable in building loyalty with your future customers.

And when you’re a blogger or creative business owner, you are such a huge part of your brand.

People make decisions emotionally, even buying ones, so if they like you and believe in the work you’re doing, they're more likely to become customers.

And there you have it! Have I convinced you to invest in your email marketing?I hope this made it simple to see that email marketing definitely is a marketing channel that is worth investing in for businesses.

And if you’re looking for even more ways to grow your business, access to our FREE Instagram cheat sheet.

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Why You Need Email Marketing In Your Business,Made It by Maker Academy a podcast that helps you build and grow your business. We share inspiration, online marketing, online business and conversations with clever creatives.

Why You Need Email Marketing In Your Business,Made It by Maker Academy a podcast that helps you build and grow your business. We share inspiration, online marketing, online business and conversations with clever creatives.