How imperfection lead to Samantha Dion Baker's business success

If you've ever struggled with perfectionism, or made the "practical" choice rather than following your heart, then you're going to love Samantha Dion Baker's story.

Samantha Dion Baker is an illustrator and designer, living in Brooklyn.

But her style almost defies definition.

Her work is done almost exclusively in her journal and provides an insight into her daily life balancing her kids, business, and her love of her City, Brooklyn.

Fueled by  a large shot of coffee.

Samantha started her journey working as a graphic designer for 10 years and it was after having kids, she returned to her initial media, a journal.

Flash forward and Sam has developed  style uniquely her own and has a real cult following.

But it wasn't always smooth sailing. 

Sam comes from a family of artists, attending her Grandma's openings. And while that may sound like deciding to pursue a creative life would have been easy, it certainly came with its challenges. And a little soul searching. 

In this episode of Made It, we speak with Sam about: 

  • The way Instagram really grew her business
  • How she balances raising her kids and business
  • Why mornings are her favourite time
  • How she takes inspiration from her city
  • How shes found freedom in her journal
  • The challenges she's faced and overcome in her business
  • Why you need to find your voice

We absolutely loved speaking with Sam and hearing the way she is creating something truly unique that really speak to peoples passions.

This interview is full of practical advice that will help anyone who is feeling lost in their craft or struggling to find their passion.

We hope that you take inspiration from Sam's story and turn her lessons into your own actions.

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