Instagram Marketing: How to market your business on Instagram

If you're looking for detailed information on Instagram Marketing and how to market your business on Instagram the right way, you're in the right spot!

So, you’re on Instagram for your business but you’re not seeing any growth?

Or maybe you’re getting the followers, but not the sales?

Instagram is a great channel to market your business, generate brand awareness and build a community.

And honestly, when you have a few tools in your tool belt,  it’s pretty easy.

But it ain't quick.

In this episode of Made It, I’m going to break down how to marketing your business on Instagram. 

First, the opportunity.

Instagram has a huge number of active users who are seeking content like yours. 

Seriously, it’s one of the most engaged audiences on any platform and this gives you the opportunity to reach potential customers pretty easily, and without having to spend money to reach these folks like you do on Facebook.

If you’re looking for why you should start your business on Instagram, I broke it down in this post, but if you’re already on Instagram then read on.

Now, I’m going to tell you anything you don’t already know here. 

To have a great Instagram feed, you need to: 

  1. Share amazingly beautiful content
  2. Engage with your audience
  3. Use the right hashtags
  4. Reach out to influencers

I told you it was easy!

Where you might trip up is the how. 

How do I share amazing content? Engaging with my audience sounds time-consuming?

Well my friend, easy doesn’t mean quick but if you invest time up front, it’s going to be worth it!

And now I’m going to help you figure out exactly how to implement this in your business. 

1. Share amazingly beautiful content

What I mean by amazingly beautiful content is both content that is amazing and beautiful.

Every single post is an opportunity for you to connect with your audience and further interest them in your product or service.

With each image you’re positioning yourself and your business.

Over time, this will all add up.

I know some of us think we need to “just get something out there” but I’m advocating you get something amazing out there.

We won’t go into how to take amazing images in this post (check out this one!) but creating high quality images or using stunning stock shots is essential.

You want to create a feed that is recognisably yours and images are a huge part of creating a brand identity and connecting with your ideal customer.

The content of the captions and focus of the images, as much as the shot itself also needs to be amazing.

Share behind the scenes images, or write about how people will learn to cook a meal in under 5 minutes in your captions.

Create content that is valuable to your audience, that helps improve their lives or provides solutions to some of the challenges they’re facing.

If you’re on Instagram for your business, you are speaking to your ideal customer so make sure every post you create provides them with something.

With Maker Academy, I like to think i’m talking to my BFF and giving her advice on how to grow her business and share cool things I find online.

This means, all of our Instagram posts feature creative entrepreneurs I love and want to support as well as posts like these. I want to be personable and helpful.

Instagram just isn’t images so don’t forget about the Stories and Live functions. These features give you another opportunity to share valuable content. 

2. Engage with Your Followers

Engagement is of critical importance when it comes to marketing a business with Instagram. 

Because the users are so active, you have to spend the time replying and shouting them out.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got 100 or 10,000 followers, if someone is taking the time to comment on your work, you should take the time to respond.

But…. I don’t have time! Is that what I hear your saying?

Look, I get it. You’re a busy entrepreneur trying to create the business of your dreams but every single person on your Instagram is a potential client.

And a person who is actively engaging with you is clearly interested in what you’re producing,

These are folks we would call ‘warm’ leads, someone who is showing you that they are resonating with your brand.

Don’t let your warm leads go cold.

A simple way to do this is make engagement part of your downtime.

If you’re waiting in line at the post office, reply to your comments.

For me, I spend time responding to our comments on my morning commute. Sure there are some days I forget, but it’s a habit now and it’s help Maker Academy grow an engaged and genuine community.

Plus, it’s fun! 

So whenever you find time in your schedule, respond to them or simply click the heart if there isn’t anything to say.

Be genuine in your response.

If your followers feel like they are valued members of your community, they’re going to spread the message about your brand on their own.

They are likely to bring more followers to your Instagram account by sharing your content on their profiles. 

If you want to take it a step Following back your followers is another great way of showing them how much you value them. It can help you in converting them into customers.  

3. Use the right hashtags 

Hashtags are everything.

If you take one thing away from this post I want it to be to use hashtags.

Hashtags are how images get found and sorted on Instagram. 

They’re how someone searching for #lifecoach will find your business. 

They’re the way to find your ideal customer, promote your product and reach out to influencers who share user generated content.

However, for hashtags to work for your business, you need to use the right ones.

That means being really specific and choosing hashtags that are directly related to your business not generic ones like #love.

Think of terms that describe your product, niche and what your customers are searching for.

That means putting yourself in their shoes and using the terminology they do. 

Another way of growing your community is to use user generated content hashtags. And there are user generated hashtags for every niche.

That’s something like ours #makeracademy.

If you’re a creative entrepreneur and you use #makeracademy, we’ll likely see your product.

It’s our way finding new businesses to feature on our account.

If you need help finding the right hashtags for your business, we have a free cheat sheet you can access here.

Now, where do these hashtags go?

In the first comment. It looks much neater this way and doesn’t detract from your very important caption.

4. Reach out to Influencers

Influencers are individuals who have a huge following on Instagram. Or, they’re folks with a modest following but that following is full of your ideal customer.

You can use their influence to market your business by offering them a sample of what you do, or a collaboration opportunity. 

Research how influencers work with submissions; you might need to complete a form on their site for example and then, let them know in the correct way.

Be sure you explain what product you would like them to feature and why it’s so special.

If they don’t have instructions, send them a DM.

When reaching out to influencers you want to make sure your product or service is actually something they’re interested in. You don’t want to be sharing your yoga gear with someone who doesn’t post about exercise.

Something to remember when reaching out to influencers is they are just people.

Don’t be afraid, the answer is always no if you never ask.

So my friend, go forth and market that business on Instagram with confidence. And use #makeracademy so we can see your great work!

Are you on Instagram for your business but you’re not seeing any growth? If you're looking for detailed information on Instagram Marketing and how to market your business on Instagram the right way, you're in the right spot!