Why you need to be using Instagram Stories in your biz

If you’ve been keeping up to date with Maker on Instagram (and if you’re not, get involved!) you might have discovered we’ve become a little obsessed with the stories function.

Instagram stories lets you share images and videos outside of your feed.

Why is this important?

Well, you know how important it is to develop a theme for your page, right? Right!

With stories you have the chance to show sides of your personality and business that might not fit your Instagram strategy.

You can share insights into your creative process, or glimpses into your daily life.

These insights can help build connection as people discover more about the kick ass creator behind the brand.

Ok, ok, but why should I do that?

People love knowing who is the brains behind the screen/needle/machine.

As folks get to know you, what you stand for and your brand, you build trust and resonance with your audience.

This matters because people like buying from humans they trust and can relate too.

Instagram stories are now a super essential part of the Maker ‘gram strategy.

We want you guys to get to know us so we can become virtual BFF’s, but with our strategy it was tricky to do.

Sharing pictures of what Elliot’s made me for breakfast just wasn't going to work with our theme; showcasing the work of you guys and highlights from our blog.

Stories lets us build personal connection with you.

We can show you our ridiculous work space, what we’re working on and our lunch time walks.

This helps us build trust with you and you know what we stand for.

Need more convincing that Instagram Stories can be a smart addition to your business marketing strategy? Here is why you should be using Instagram stories.

Your Audience is already using Instagram Stories

Instagram is super popular.

As a creative entrepreneur, it's perfect for establishing a brand, building connections and showcasing your work.

Creating Instagram stories is a great way to show your work without asking your audience to do any extra work.

You're not trying to pull teeth to get them to head over to a website and view a video you slaved over.

Your audience is on the platform engaging with the functionality, why not get in on the action?

You can reach all your followers

With all the big changes to the way Instagram serves up your feed, you may have noticed changes in your interactions.

Thankfully, stories functions a little differently.

Stories sit at the top of the homepage and stay ‘highlighted’ for a 24 hour period.

This gives you loads of opportunity to have your story viewed by your followers.

It also automatically loads the next story, no matter whose it is. There are no favourites.

This is great news for business, giving you an extra opportunity to be seen without the user having to click on your story directly.

It is easy to use

Great news! You don’t need to be a videographer to make stories. You don’t even have to be a marketing whiz to make it work for you (although having a strategy is useful!)

To create a story, record a small video directly in the app or take a few pics.

Next up, click the tick button and action! Your story is now live. Simple, right?

They're easy to edit too. You can overlay text, filters or upload something you’ve created in another app.

Of course, if you’re a little more savvy you can record your piece, edit it and upload to the ‘gram.

At Maker, we’re all about quick wins so we find taking a quick snapshot or shooting in the app is fine for our goals!

You’ll develop relatability

Do you love cheese? I love cheese! Let’s be best friends.

Relatability is essential in business. Think about it? You like buying from people you like, your customer is no different.

It’s so fun getting to know people behind the brand, I mean, who doesn’t love seeing Mandy Moore reading “Mean Tweets” it’s the same with stories.

You have the chance to share your personal interests and glimpses into your life. It’s the perfect way to show off your skills and build a genuine connection with your audience.

Everyone wants to purchase items from a brand that it can relate to. You can start to cultivate these relationships with stories.

So friends, there you have it!

Instagram stories can help you to expand your reach, engage with a wide audience, without having to spend hours developing content.

What stories do you share on Instagram? Let me know in the comments below!

We break down exactly why Instagram stories are the perfect way to reach new audiences and engage with your community! If you’re a creative entrepreneur, business owner, blogger or maker you’re not going to want to miss this. Click to read!

We break down exactly why Instagram stories are the perfect way to reach new audiences and engage with your community! If you’re a creative entrepreneur, business owner, blogger or maker you’re not going to want to miss this. Click to read!

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