4 SEO tips you need to know about

SEO doesn’t have to be hard. I’m spilling 4 SEO tips you need to know about that are simple.

For those who don’t know, SEO stands for

Search Engine Optimisation

It’s a way to creating content and organising your site so you can get found by Google.

When you plug in a question or terms to describe what you're searching in Google, bots crawl millions of websites looking for ‘hits’ the words you just typed.

After the crawling the internet, Google serves up the pages that rank the highest to answer your question.

An algorithm ranks those pages and determines which is the best content.

We might not know the exact science involved, we do know bots look at the relevance and authority your site has.

Relevance means how well your content matches up to the question being asked.

Authority is how many backlinks your site has, mentions and the age of your site amongst other things.

As a creative entrepreneur getting this SEO thing down is essential.

I know that it’s something I struggled with.

I knew SEO existed, and that it mattered, but I kind of hoped it would go away.

Or that my site would grow on its own because the whole thing seemed really hard.

But I’m here to save you from this fate.

SEO doesn’t have to be really tricky or overwhelming.

Here are my top 4 tips on how to increase your website's ranking with SEO.

Use Long Tail Keywords

You know those search terms we were talking about - they’re keywords.

You want to make sure your site uses descriptive words people would likely search for if they wanted to find you.

Anytime someone does a search, the search engines index your website based on these terms.

Having the right terms embedded in your content can help you get found.

Let’s say you’re a Handbag designer and your keywords are black bag.

In the past, Black Bag were enough for websites to rank highly on search engine results pages.

But those days are long behind us.

Now it’s all about the long tail keywords to get ranked.

What's a long tail keyword? It's a phrase with at least three words relevant to what your ideal customer is searching for.

If we wanted to target longtail keywords in the black bag example, we would be more descriptive.

Black Bag becomes handmade black leather bag with gold zipper.

Add your longtail keywords into your body copy, headline and metadata.

Every piece of content you create has keywords, so it’s a smart move to spend some time researching and targeting the right ones.

Increase your site speed

Slooooow websites don’t cut the mustard these days.

We’re impatient, we’re busy and when we’re searching for something, we want the answer right away.

If your website takes too long to load, or it’s not optimised for mobile, visitors are likely going to bounce before they see your great content.

And that isn’t just a bad experience for your user, you’ll get a cross against your name with search engines too.

Search engines and they rank quick loading websites higher on their results.

How do you make your site load faster?

Try ditching flash videos, unnecessary graphics and those barely used plug-ins.

Update your content regularly

Alright guys, I know you’re busy but if you want to make it, Content is your BFF.

Seriously, this is a code we should all live by.

Content is your BFF.

I know it’s time-consuming to create content on a regular basis, and if you’re a regular reader, you’ll see I slacked off in January.

And we paid for it with website visitors dropping dramatically.

Regular content isn’t just rewarded in search, it also positions you as an authority in your niche and it keeps you top of mind with your audience.

If your ideal customers know you produce really great stuff regularly, they’ll keep coming back.

So, try to develop a content plan that works for you and stick to it. It doesn’t have to be five days a week, one day is fine, just be consistent.

Link to authorities in your niche

Another great SEO tip is to start linking to make sure you like to authority content in your niche.

Now you’re creating regular content, link out to sites where you find inspiration and information from for your posts.

This not only helps increases your trustworthiness in the eyes of the search engines.

Every click from your content gives the search engine the impression you’re are an authority in your niche.

It also might get your work in front of influencers who may even share it with their audience, increasing your reach even further.

And there you have it - 4 tips that will help your business stand out and get found on google.

Try putting these tips into practice on your own website.

1. Update old content with Longtail keywords

2. Develop a content posting strategy

3. Delete unnecessary plugins

4. Link to relevant websites in your niche

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4 SEO tips you need to know about. Made It by Maker Academy a podcast that helps you build and grow your business. We share inspiration, online marketing, online business and conversations with clever creatives.

4 SEO tips you need to know about.
Made It by Maker Academy a podcast that helps you build and grow your business. We share inspiration, online marketing, online business and conversations with clever creatives.