Why your workspace is the secret to your success

It’s true for the majority of us that we will spend the most of our days at work.

For the lucky few, this will be in a space that is beautiful and inspiring.

For the rest of us, where we work can leave us feeling… a little flat?

If you’re trying to balance full or part-time work commitments with your craft, working somewhere inspirational becomes even more important.

Does this sound familiar?

You’ve got amazing ideas about the products you’re going to make, the incredible locally sourced packing you want to use and how you’re going to charm the pants off local retailers who will be chomping at the bit to sell your cat brooches but when you sit down to get to the making suddenly the kitchen needs to be cleaned?

This happens to me, every day.

Until I realised that if I wanted to write effectively, in a way that actually helps you, I needed to get out of my damn cubicle and find somewhere inspirational.

Flashback to three days ago when I’m sitting in the state library of Victoria, having just arranged my notebooks when I sat back and took in the beauty of the space.

The high ceilings, warm lighting and soft creaking of people inching towards the study spaces gave me the feeling of total and complete ease.

This contentment sparked the inspiration to write this piece because it struck me just how much the spaces we live and work can impact our well-being and productivity.

Where you work impacts your mood, and you need to be in the ‘mood’ to do creative work.

So when you’re feeling uninspired, what sort of work space are you working in?

This is one of those “know yourself” times, where you need to be aware of what makes you tick and make the move to actively put yourself in spaces that feel nice.

I was previously sitting on the steps of the library, enjoying the uncharacteristically sunny weather, but  staring blankly at my notebook struggling to find the inspiration to cross 'write post for maker' off my list yet when I stepped inside the automatic doors to the library, the words seemed to flow with ease.

Turning your attention to the space that you work in could be the missing ingredient in your inspiration and the end to your creators block!

Ok, it’s all well and good to want to work by the beach but when you’re living in a studio apartment in the middle of the city how do you find that inspiration the waves bring you?

You could find an awesome print of a beach you love and have it in sight when you’re working.

Or, you could spray some sea mist in your room for that seaside smell if that’s your thing!

Think about the tiny tweaks you can make that would have a huge impact.

Perhaps you're someone who needs order and your craft room is a mess.

Or you might be someone who thrives in the creative pieces that finds inspiration in the tools strewn across your workbench.

Do you need to work with music on? In total silence?

Making the effort to actively put yourself in these feel good situations can do wonders for your outputs .

It might even shape a project or drive you towards creating that jewellery line, ceramic dog bowl, gift card you've dreamed about.

Get to know what brings you creative contentment, and start to bring them into your creative workshop.

Making your creative space as vibrant is as important as the work you're doing.

You don't need to spend thousands of dollars transforming your studio into the coffee shop from Italy you fell in love with that one time, but rather you fancy rate your space, change the light fixtures, put a tiny slow globe to remind you of your trip into the space you are currently working in.

For me, being inside the library gave birth to this piece.

It had flow and I could articulate what it was I wanted to achieve. Writing in the library made me feel light.

I'm going to try and bring a little bit of the library into the kitchen table I usually work on when I'm feeling uninspired.

You are developing a craft, a business or a lifestyle that brings beauty into the world and your space should reflect that. You deserve it!

Do you think your surroundings impacts your creative work? What do you use to make any space feel more you? Let us know in the comments below.

Your workspace is the secret to your success. Discover why the space you work in matters to your business success and discover the hacks you need improve your surroundings. Click to read
Your workspace is the secret to your success. Discover why the space you work in matters to your business success and discover the hacks you need improve your surroundings. Click to read